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American Express Travel Services Representatives Arizona Wonders Tour
Astronomy, Archaeology & Geology
(2005 September 21– October 2)
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Why Visit Arizona in 2005?

The Year 2005 is Special for Arizona Astronomy!

Our Journey to Arizona Comes During an
Astronomically Auspicious Year for Arizona

  • This fall the USA has one of the best close approaches of Mars in nearly fifty years
  • Lowell Observatory celebrates the 75th anniversary of their discovery of Pluto
  • Scientists have announced new discoveries about Arizona’s Meteor Crater

Lowell Observatory is a prime attraction on this tour. Percival Lowell, founder of the observatory that bears his name, spent much of his astronomical career studying Mars and searching for Planet-X (later named Pluto.) Lowell's controversial conclusions about Mars and its "canals" are historical, and Pluto remains an enigmatic planet from the time of its discovery to the present. Lowell Observatory Pluto Anniversary

Our visit to Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff also comes during their Pluto anniversary year. On our observatory visit you will learn more about both Mars and Pluto (including other past and present research at this famous observatory).

You will see and observe through the great 24-inch refractor that played a dominant role in Martian research a century ago. Our visit to Lowell comes during a year that may give USA observers some of the best view of the red planet since the late 1950s! (Come with us and learn why!)

Our visit also takes us to the famous Pluto discovery telescope. You will learn about the difficulty of this search and experience the thrill of discovery with the blink microscope that enabled Lowell astronomers to discover the elusive Pluto.

The Barringer Meteor Crater is another significant attraction on our tour. Meteor Crater East of Flagstaff is Arizona's largest, best-preserved and best studied impact crater on Earth. Scientists have recently announced new discoveries about the impacting body that created this enormous "hole" nearly a mile wide and 600 feet deep!
(Come with us and learn about these new findings!)

You will accompany a special tour of this spectacular crater especially arranged with Drew Barringer, grandson of the man who secured its ownership in 1903. While gaping down at this truly amazing Arizona landmark, you will learn about the fascinating history of this crater and the celestial impact that made it.

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