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China Total Solar Eclipse Tour 2009
– Longest Total Solar Eclipse of Our Lifetime –
(2009 July 19 – August 6)
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A Fully Escorted Tour Including a Contintental Capers Trip Coordinator and Science Advisor plus Chinese Regional and Local Guides
Ms. Marian P. Cohen & Dr. Howard L. Cohen
Continental Capers Tour & Science Escorts

Continental Capers Travel, Inc. always limits the number of guests on their Voyage of Discovery tours to small groups (maximum 30). And a Continental Capers travel professional always accompanies each tour along with at least one scientific consultant.

Our Ancient China and Eclipse Tour will have the services of Marian P. Cohen, an experienced Continental Capers trip coordinator and travel specialist, and a professional astronomer, Dr. Howard L. Cohen, Emeritus Assoc. Professor of Astronomy, University of Florida.

We will also have professional, English speaking Chinese escorts with us during the entire tour plus local guides where necessary

Ms. Cohen is a professional travel coordinator with over twenty-five years experience in the travel industry and a masters degree in education from Indiana University. She has helped arrange and escort many Continental Capers special Voyages tours.

Prof. Cohen

Prof. Cohen discusses Henbury Meteorite Site on our enormously successful 2002 Australian total solar eclipse tour.

Dr. Cohen will be personally available to talk to individuals about astronomy and eclipse observing during the entire tour and will help lead pre and post eclipse discussions to help everyone prepare for this wonderful event. Prof. Cohen will also prepare written handouts for all guests containing useful information about the tour and the eclipse.

Dr. Cohen has been involved with astronomy for more than fifty years and has been member of the Department of Astronomy at the University of Florida since 1968 where he taught over 15,000 students astronomy. (Dr. Cohen is now an emeritus professor.) He has traveled to nine total and annular eclipses of the Sun. Prof. Cohen has been a visiting astronomer at Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona. In addition, he has been a sales and technical consultant and sales manager for Meade Instruments Corp. He is also a founding member of the Alachua Astronomy Club, Inc., his local, active amateur astronomy club. Dr. Cohen has helped design and escort all of Contintinenal Capers previous Voyages of Discovery Tours.

For details on our Continental Capers escorts, see our general escort page.

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