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China Total Solar Eclipse Tour 2009
– Longest Total Solar Eclipse of Our Lifetime –
(2009 July 19 – August 6)
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China Flag (Click for World Fact Book) China Info & Travel Tips
(See also Trip Planning Help)

General Info –  Travel Guides –  Currency –  Eclipse Information
Electric & Current Guides –  Miscellaneous –  Time in China –  Weather in China

General Information on China
World Fact Book China Information World Fact Book from the CIA
China's Official Gateway China's Official Gateway to News & Information
China Info China Info History, Geography, Government, Culture—from
Chinese Civilization Chinese Civilization From Wikipedia
Chinese Flag Chinese Flag From The World Flag Database
Chinese Flag List Chinese Flags – List List of current & historical flags used in China from Wikipedia
General Info China General Information From
General Info Country Study: China From Library of Commerce
People's Republic of China People's Rep. of China From Wikipedia
China National Tourist Office China National Tourist Office Tourist Information
China Visa Info China Visa Info A Guide to Applying for a China Visa from China Nat'l Tourist Office

China Travel Guides
China Travel Tour Guide China Travel Tour Guide Info on travel to China, attractions, travel tips, culture
Top 5 China Guide Books China Guides Guide Picks – Top 5 China Guide Books from
DK Travel Guides China From DK Eyewitness Travel Guides
Fodor's Asia Destinations From Fodor's
Frommer's Introduction to China From Frommer's
Lonely Planet China Overview From Lonely Planet World Guides

(China uses the Yuán — the RMB, Rénminbi, or "People's Money")
China Currency Calculator China Currency Calculator China Currency Exchange Rate
Currency Calculator Currency Calculator A General Currency Calculator fro
Currency Calculator Universal Currency Calculator Another General Currency Calculator fro
Currency Rates Currency Rates Currency Rates from

Eclipse Information
The China Eclipse The China Eclipse Summary of the 2009 July 22 Solar Eclipse
Solar Eclipses Solar Eclipse Basics An Introduction to Solar Eclipses
Solar Eclipses Solar Eclipse Events A Check List of Solar Eclipse Phenomena
Eye Safety Eye Safety Using Safe Solar Observing Methods
Image Size Relative Image Size of Sun Lens Focal Length vs. Image Size for Eclipse Photography
Image Size Exposure Time Eclipse Exposure Guidelines
Image Size Maximum Exposure Times Guidelines for No Blurring Without a Clock Drive
Image Size What to Take for the Eclipse Checklist of Items You Might Want to Take
Image Size Glossary Brief Glossary of Terms Relating Mostly to Solar Eclipses

Electric and Current Guides
(China uses 220V &, 50Hz with a variety of plugs)
Electric Current China Adapters From International Electrical Supplies
Electric Adapters Electric Adapters for China From Walkabout Travel Gear
Electric Current Electric Current in China Office of Trade & Industry Information (from Int'l Trade Admin.)
Electric Current Electricity Around the World Look-Up Table (single-phase voltage, frequency and plug/sockets
World Current Guide Current Guide On-Line Current Guide for World Power
World Electric Guide World Electric Guide On-Line Current Guide for World Power

Baggage Regulations Baggage Regulations Airline baggage restrictions from
Baggage Regulations Baggage Regulations Airline baggage restrictions from
TSA TSA Regulations What To Know Before You Go

Time in China
(All China 8h ahead of Greenwich Standard—Daylight Time not used)
People's Republic of China Time In China Current Time in China from WorldTimeServer.Com
People's Republic of China Time In China Current Time in China from
Time Zones Time Zones Time Zones Around the World from Time and
Time Zone Map Time Zone Map World Time Zone Map from U.S. Naval Observatory

Climate & Weather in China*
(Avg. max. summer high often 88–95ºF or 30–35ºC w/high humidity)
Weather Around the World Weather Around the World Weather Around the World from Time and
BBC Weather Weather in China From BBC Weather
National Weather Service Weather in China From National Weather Service
Yahoo Weather Weather in China From Yahoo! Weather
WeatherUnderground Weather in China From Weather Underground

*A Note on China's Climate: China, a large northern country with a range in latitude slightly larger than the USA, has an extremely diverse climate. A subtropical climate rules in the south while a subarctic climate prevails in the north. However, this tour will journey to locations in eastern China during mid-summer with a latitude range from about 25°N (similar to Miami) to 40°N (similar to New York City).

Therefore, like the eastern USA, China weather in summer can be very hot and humid so guests should take precautions to avoid dehydration and heat stroke. Daytime high temperatures are typically 88–95ºF (30–35ºC) with humidity 60–70%. Typical lows are in the low 70s F (20s C). This weather is not unlike what the northeast and midwestern sections of the USA may experience in summer during a "heat wave" and similar to the Southeast, especially Florida, during summer months. (Floridians have learned to adapt!) Finally, air pollution can be severe in some locations, especially in larger metropolitan China areas, and can cause respiratory and eye discomfort.

Note: The 2009 solar eclipse occurs July 22 so our trip itinerary is obviously constrained by this special event!

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