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Norway Northern Lights Cruise 2010
– Experience the Most Beautiful Cruise in the World –
(2010 March 10 – 21)
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Sail 12-Days Along Norway's Spectacular Western and Northern Coast

The World's Most Beautiful Sea Voyage

The world's most beautiful sea voyage is not just an invented phrase but a simple fact. For more than one hundred years Norwegian coastal ships have been providing lifelines to small communities along a stretch of coast characterized by vast distances, sparse populations and dramatic scenery.

Today a Norwegian coastal voyage aboard a Hurtigruten craft is a unique combination of first-class passenger and working ship. The Hurtigruten passenger and cargo vessels continue to plow the same waters they have sailed for more than a century connecting both northern and southern Norway. Hurtigruten ships not only provide transportation for local peoples but also carry cargo and agricultural products reliably from harbor to harbor, and to remote island communities.

In addition, recognized artists now exhibit their works on these modern ships making them known as floating art galleries.

Hurtigruten voyages are perfect alternatives to traditional cruises.

Although Hurtigruten ships look and feel like cruise ships, they are working ships as well as passenger ships. Our ship, the MS Norlys, is outfitted with spacious, art-filled public areas, exercise rooms, saunas, hair dryers in the cabins, elevators, and stabilizers.

Unlike traditional cruises, however, there is no organized entertainment on board. Mother Nature entertains! A Hurtigruten cruise is your alternative to the traditional cruise.

Thrill to sweeping views of ever-changing, breathtaking scenery from the comfort of a deck chair or a chair in the ship's panoramic lounge. Something is always happening without much really happening at all. The ships travel at 16 knots, which means that you always have time to enjoy the journey, to make new friends and to relax and take in the wonders of this wonderful journey.

Meanwhile visit more than thirty ports of call along one of the world's longest sea coastlines while taking in local culture either on your own or sometimes with optional shore excursions.

Stops vary anywhere from less than an hour up to about six hours. Optional shore excursions are available at some of these ports. These excursions allow time to explore quaint local sights and spectacular Norway scenery including many of the most scenic areas in the world including various Norwegian fjord districts.

Raftsund Strait
Raftsund Strait

We have also carefully chosen our sailing date in March to maximize opportunities to see the fleeting but magnificent "polar lights" or aurora borealis.

These northern lights peak near the times of the March and September equinoxes. Yes, winter will still prevail but so will darkness, necessary to see these mysterious lights of the night, most often and best seen from regions like the subpolar and polar latitudes of northern Norway.

Note: See our Norway page for information on sunrise/sunset and daylight/darkness hours during our cruise.

Our ship will sail from southern Norway northward to above the Arctic Circle, with ever increasing possibilities to see the aurora borealis!

See our ship's sailing map and itinerary for a brief summary of the many ports you will visit and the many attractions you will see along the different stretches of the voyage.

This is a voyage that will give you an unforgettable treasure trove of landscapes, scenery, sights and sounds

Lofoten Islands
Lofoten Islands

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Hurtigruten 2010 Norway Brochure (pdf file)    [view sample]
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