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Australia Solar Eclipse Tour 2012 November
– See Earth's Oldest Continent –
– Witness A Total Eclipse of the Sun Rising Over the Great Barrier Reef –
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Please Read Carefully


A pdf copy of this information including our Reservation Form
is available through our Reservation Form Page or Click Here


To Assist in Your Preparation, Please Be Aware of the Following Important Information

Continental Capers Travel Center, Inc. and Voyages of Discovery tours (hereafter referred collectively as Continental Capers) may involve walking in variable weather, climbing stairs, getting on and off transportation conveyances, and occasionally carrying your own baggage. Some trips may involve crossing hilly, uneven terrain. Sleeping accommodations, dining halls, etc., differ from site to site. Meals included in programs commonly consist of local foods prepared according to local tastes.

If you become ill or are injured, the Tour Operator staff will make every reasonable effort to find medical help. Therefore, it is important that you advise them of any problem when it first arises. Should you become seriously ill or unable to participate in the program for any reason, arrangements will be made to return you home as safely as circumstances allow. Individuals with disabilities are asked to declare and describe in advance their specific conditions or circumstances that require special accommodations or arrangements.

TRIP INSURANCE: Due to the high cancellation penalties and other risks of loss, we strongly recommend trip insurance to cover losses due to trip cancellation, trip delay, trip interruption, luggage loss, personal injury, death, accidents, default or bankruptcy of a supplier, or other contingencies. In order to guarantee maximum coverage under your policy, coverage should be purchased at the time of your first payment. By purchasing insurance coverage through our office, you affirm that you fully understand the terms and limitations of the policy. You also affirm that no additional coverage or protection has been offered either explicitly or implicitly by Continental Capers Travel Center, Inc., its employees, directors, agents or independent contractors. Please contact Continental Capers with any questions regarding insurance coverage or details.

It is recommended that tour participants do not bring expensive jewelry or like possessions with them. Telescopes and observation equipment should be securely packed; insurance on expensive items is highly recommended. Continental Capers or any of its representatives or contractors are not liable for loss/damage of any personal effects.


PRICE GUARANTEE: All prices are in American dollars based on twin share and subject to change without notice due to increases of hotel accommodations, admission fees or charges or currency exchange rate fluctuations. Tour prices guaranteed for tour fees paid in full (except any Government charges). The Australian Dollar has appreciated about 10% since mid-2009 to early 2011 compared to the US dollar. If this trend continues, tour costs may increase. However, tour costs if paid in full will not change. Therefore, payment in full will hold your reservation and lock-in your cost.

COST INCLUDES: All accommodations and meals as specified in the itinerary; hotel/restaurant taxes, as applicable; all local transfers including all local on-tour transportation (ground, air and river cruises); all tours and activities including entrance fees and performances as described in itinerary; safe solar viewing filters for the solar eclipse; gratuities for baggage handling and all included meals.

COST DOES NOT INCLUDE: Items not specifically mentioned in the itinerary; air fares; airport departure taxes; insurance; alcoholic beverages; soft drinks and bottled water unless specified in the itinerary; excess baggage; optional tours and sightseeing not specified in the itinerary; visa fees if applicable; gratuities to bus drivers and guides; insurance; laundry, telephone calls, cables, or any other expenses of a personal nature, or items or services not specifically listed on this tour. In-flight meals not served or missed due to changes are not covered.

TIPS AND TAXES: Tours include taxes for hotel accommodations and specified entrance fees. Departure taxes within foreign countries are not included since they vary widely. Each airport departure may require a separate departure tax which will have to be collected from each tour participant prior to boarding. Tips are not included for guides, tour personnel and drivers. However, guests can choose to provide such gratuities to drivers or local guides who render special services or who have done an outstanding job, at each person's discretion.

OBSERVATIONS OF ASTRONOMICAL EVENTS: Continental Capers or its representatives cannot guarantee the observation of any advertised astronomical event(s). While we will make every effort to examine weather prospects prior to selecting the observation site, we cannot control weather, other natural events or circumstances that might prevent viewing astronomical events.

BAGGAGE HANDLING: Consult the TSA web site and your airline for regulations and restrictions on what is currently allowed to be carried onto aircraft. Also, due to constantly changing airline limitations, we advise all participants to verify baggage allowances directly with the airlines. Excess baggage can be checked at the tour participant's own expense. Lost or damaged luggage while in transit is the sole responsibility of the carrier or traveler and subject to international and/or domestic governing regulations. All baggage of tour participant(s) is accepted on tour at risk of participant(s).

RESERVATIONS AND PAYMENTS: Reservations are confirmed with a deposit of US $750.00 of tour fare per person at time of booking, Including each single supplement and US $450.00 per child.

  • Deposits are nonrefundable after May 1, 2012
  • Final payment due not later than Aug. 15, 2012 and nonrefundable after Aug. 15, 2012
  • Tour costs are exclusive of air fares
  • Full payment holds your reservation and locks-in your cost. (See Price Guarantee)
  • All prices and payments are in U.S. dollars
  • Reservations will be canceled if payments are not received by the due date above
  • Penalties will be applied according to the cancellation schedule

CANCELLATIONS AND REFUNDS: All cancellations must be made in writing. There is no refund for any unused portion of your trip once commenced. Cancellation penalties on airfares are additional and subject to the rules of the airlines.

Travel insurance is strongly recommended due to high cancellation penalties and other risks. This will allow you to cancel without penalty for reasons covered in the travel insurance policy. (Also "See Travel Insurance" under Additional Information.)

AIR TRANSPORTATION: The price quoted in herein does not include airfares. Airfares are available as an extra cost item and are subject to change by the airlines without notice. Fares, itineraries, and schedules, including departure and return dates, may be changed at any time without notice prior to ticketing. Fare increases will be the responsibility of individual travelers. We will not be responsible for any changes in airline schedules or itineraries, airfares, cancellations, loss or damage to baggage or overbooking.

LAND AND TOUR COSTS: Tour prices are based upon costs in effect at time of printing of the material and are subject to change at any time due to increases in rates for group services, lodging and meals, government taxes, currency fluctuations, or other factors not under our control. Land and tour cost increases will be the responsibility of individual travelers.

ACCOMMODATIONS: If a change in any accommodations listed becomes necessary for any reason, accommodations substituted will be the equivalent of those shown.

SHARING ROOMS: If you are traveling by yourself but wish to share a room with someone else, we will attempt to match men with male roommates and women with female roommates, along with smoking/non-smoking preferences. If we cannot find a roommate for whatever reason we will advise you and have to charge you the single supplement fee.

PASSPORTS AND VISAS: United States citizens are required to have a valid PASSPORT. Your passport must have at least six months validity left on it from your return date of travel. Citizens of other countries must make their nationalities known immediately to Continental Capers and are responsible for obtaining proper documentation to enter the U.S. and any other countries where tour options are involved. Please check with your travel consultant regarding the most recent passport and visa requirements and associated fees for the countries being visited. We will attempt to inform all travelers of any changes to such requirements. However, all travelers should check with appropriate consulates to determine any specific rules that may apply to them.

HEALTH REQUIREMENTS: We strongly urge travelers to check with their personal physicians or local health board for suggestions regarding the countries that you will be visiting. Certain vaccinations or health certifications may be required or recommended. Please ask your travel consultant for additional details. Guests should also be aware that stomach upsets can result if one is not careful. Washing hands frequently and eating hot, cooked foods, and fruits that you peel, is recommended. Like most developed countries like the U.S., tap water in Australia is usually safe to drink.

CLIMATE: Australia lies approximately between latitudes 11 south to 39 south if one excludes Tasmania off the southeastern coast. (In the Northern Hemisphere this range is roughly equivalent to latitudes from Cincinnati to Costa Rica.) Because Australia lies in the Southern Hemisphere, seasons are the reverse of the Northern Hemisphere. Our 2012 Australia tour will occur in November, about two-thirds of the way into fall in the Northern Hemisphere but two-thirds of the way into spring in Australia.

Although the climate of the Australian varies greatly across the continent, strong extremes of weather are uncommon. Climate ranges from tropical in the north to temperate in the south. In the northeast, such as Queensland, rain forests and savannahs dominate. Here we find distinct wet and dry seasons wetter from November to April and drier from May to October. The climate is generally hot and humid but short dry summers and dry winters are the rule. Parts of Queensland average annual rainfall can exceeds 100 in (2,500 mm) but on the fringe of the monsoonal region are drier savanna grasslands.

The November eclipse comes early in the rainy monsoon season so cloud cover is not so heavy as in following months, and there are fair prospects for a sunny day on eclipse morning. Expect warm temperatures around the low 80s F (upper 20s C) with humidity somewhat high, typically around 80 percent at eclipse time.

In the southeast the climate is more mild but still often humid with no real dry season. Since southern states are exposed to hot, dry winds from the interior, temperature can sometimes suddenly rise considerably.

Average temperatures and rainfall for the three principal areas visited on our 2012 Australia Eclipse tours follows.

Cairns, on the northeast coast, has a November average minimum and maximum of 72F and 86F (22C and 30C ) respectively. Rain occurs on an average of about nine days.

Sydney, on the southern part of the east coast, has a November average minimum and maximum of 60F and 73F (15C and 23C ) respectively. Rain occurs on an average of about six days.

Adelaide City, on the eastern part of the south coast, can get cooler and has a November average minimum and maximum of 56F and 74F (13C and 23C) respectively. Rain occurs on an average of about four days.

SMOKING POLICY: Smoking is prohibited on our tour buses, observation site and in briefing/lecture rooms.

TRAVELERS WHO HAVE SPECIAL NEEDS OR NEED SPECIAL ASSISTANCE: Any disability requiring special attention must be reported to us at the time of booking. We will make reasonable efforts to accommodate the special needs of disabled participants, but we are not responsible for any denial of service by guides, carriers, lodges, hotels, restaurants or other independent suppliers. We regret we cannot provide individual assistance to tour members for walking, dining, and getting on or off motor coaches or other transportation vehicles. Travelers who require such assistance must be accompanied by a qualified companion. If you have special dietary requirements, please advise us of your needs when you book.

STATEMENT OF RESPONSIBILITY: Continental Capers Travel Center, Inc., their agents, employees and independent contractors act only as agents for the passenger with respect to services provided, including but not limited to hotels, lodges, camps, restaurants, sightseeing, and all forms of transportation. All services are provided by operators who are not owned or controlled by Continental Capers Travel Center, Inc., their agents, employees and independent contractors cannot therefore be liable for death, personal injury, or any other loss that may occur due to any act or omission of any such supplier or by reason of any other event over which it has no control. Continental Capers Travel Center, Inc., their agents, employees and independent contractors shall not be responsible or liable for any injury, loss, damage, delay or inconvenience arising out of, or in connection with, any defect in any vehicle or any act, including any acts of terrorism, war, industrial action, civil unrest, acts of governments or God and any omission, neglect, accident, error or omission in the provision of any services. Any travel involves some measure of personal risk that the passenger must determine. The sole and exclusive responsibility of any airlines or carriers involved in your tour shall be in accordance with and as limited by the contract of carriage in the passenger's ticket, the applicable tariffs and the provisions of the Warsaw Convention. The airlines or other carriers are not responsible or liable for any act, omission or occurrence during the time passengers are not on board its aircraft. All the tour services, other than transportation provided by the airlines, are provide by independent contractors that do not act on behalf of the airlines, and with whom the airlines do not have any business association or relationship. The airlines shall not be responsible or liable for the accuracy of the tour material or representations made by the tour operator(s).

The Tour Director reserves the right to cancel this trip for any reason and agrees to refund all monies paid by passenger less nonrefundable deposits paid to airlines and hotels. Occasionally, unforeseen changes in transportation schedules or other pressing matters necessitate a change in the air or other portions of the tour. Any extra costs in such cases are the responsibility of the passenger. On advancement of deposit to Continental Capers, the depositor therefore agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions stated. By submitting a registration with deposit, participants acknowledge that they are mentally and physically fit to participate in this program. All contracts for services provided by Continental Capers, Inc., and its affiliates are entered into in the State of Florida and all parties to such contracts submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the State of Florida.

Name: _________________________________________________

Signature: ______________________________________________

Date: __________________________________________________

PLEASE NOTE: Your signature denotes acceptance of the conditions and terms as set forth in this travel program.

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