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Ye Stars! Which are the poetry of heaven
– Lord Byron (1788-1824)
Notes on the
University of Florida's
UF Department Logo Department of
Astronomy Logo

by Howard L. Cohen
Emeritus Assoc. Professor of Astronomy

I believe the concept for the University of Florida's Department of Astronomy Logo was created by a female graduate student in the department, perhaps in late 2001.

Unfortunately, I do not remember her name.

Her concept was to use the "UF" abbreviation to construct the logo. She used the "U" for the dome and the "F" for the building's foundation. She also filled the background with stars.

Two designs I still have retained are shown here.

Logo Version 1 Logo Version 1

In my position as the department's first web master, I used her concept to design the logo that now appears in similar from on many department pages and publications.

Final Logo-Click for Larger Versioin
(Click image for larger version)
Finally, in later years, the department revised the logo as shown below

Final Logo-Click for Larger Version

If anyone has more information on the history of this logo, please contact me at

cohen "at" astro "dot" ufl "dot" edu

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Last Updated 2013 June 19