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Eclipse Tours and More




USA Total Solar Eclipse
(2017 Aug. 12)
Details Here!


USA Total Solar Eclipse
(2017 Aug. 21)
Details Here!

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Indonesia Total Solar Eclipse

Indonesia Solar Eclipse
Makassar Strait
[2016 Mar. 9]

Australia Total Solar Eclipse

Australia Solar Eclipse
Queensland, Kangaroo Isl.
and Adelaide
[2012 November]

Norway Northern Lights Cruise
to Above Arctic Circle
[2010 March 10–21]

China Total Solar Eclipse
2009 China Total
Solar Eclipse

[2009 July]


(Links available for some but some links may not work correctly)

Caribbean Cruise Eclipse
[1998 Feb]
African Eclipse Safari
[2001 Jun]
Australia Outback
Solar Eclipse

[2002 Dec]
Transit of Venus
Italy, Athens & Crete

[2004 June]
Hybrid Solar Eclipse
Tahiti Cruise

[2005 April]
Astronomy, Archaeology
& Geology of Arizona

[2005 September]
Egypt Treasures &
Solar Eclipse

[2006 March]
China &
Solar Eclipse

[2009 July/Aug]

Use Safe Solar Observing Methods


Don't risk losing your eyesight by looking at the Sun without safe, proper protection

Projection Method Safest WARNING: Looking at the exposed disk of the Sun can do serious and permanent harm to your eyesight. This is true if the Sun is uneclipsed, in partial eclipse or during the annular stage of an annular eclipse. Proper safety messages should be taken to protect eyesight when looking at any part of the disk of the Sun. A safe method, for example, is the projection method. (See Projection Method below.) Other wise a safe solar filter especially made for viewing or imaging the Sun must be used (see Solar Filters below).

NOTE: Looking at the Sun when the Sun is totally eclipsed is perfectly safe since the Moon is then hiding the solar disk.

The Sun can be dangerous to look at. Only during the total phase of a total eclipse can one safely look in the direction of the Sun since the Sun's disk is no longer visible. At this time the Moon's disk completely hides all parts of the bright solar disk. (Exception: Sometimes the Sun is OK to briefly look at with the naked eye when the Sun is just rising or setting.)

Which is safe to view? (Click for Answer)
Under what circumstances can one safely look at the Sun
without any protection? (Click image for answer.)

Solar Filters

Although several reputable companies manufacture solar filters that can be used to safely photograph or view the Sun's disk, most filters easily available to the public are not safe to use for viewing the Sun. In addition, improper use of even a safe solar filter can damage eyesight.

Several companies sell safe solar filters for visual, photographic or other uses. The following lists links to companies that make solar filters including articles about eye safety and observing the Sun:

Baader Solar Film Baader AstroSolarTM Safety Film from Baader Planetarium
A Beginners Guide to Solar Observing How to safely study our star by Sky & Telescope
Close-Up of Star Here's what to look for on the solar surface by Sky & Telescope
Coronado Filters Specializes in H-alpha filters & solar viewing instruments
DayStar Filters A leading manufacturer of solar filters incl. H-alpha filters for professionals & amateurs
Eye Safety & Solar Eclipses By expert B. Ralph Chou, M.Sc., O.D., Assoc. Prof., School of Optometry, Univ. Waterloo (From NASA's Reference Publ. NASA/TP—1999-209484)
Observing Eclipses Safely Adapted from Chp. 11–Totality: Eclipses of the Sun by Mark Littmann, Ken Willcox & Fred Espenak
Observing the Sun by Projection Safe ways to study solar events by Sky & Telescope
Rainbow Symphony Produces safe solar shades
Solar Filter Safety An article on eye safety and filter by Sky & Telescope
Solar Filter Suppliers A list of solar filter vendors by Sky & Telescope
Thousand Oaks Optical Manufacturer of safe solar filters.

Filters that appear opaque are not necessarily safe for viewing the Sun:
  • Filters made from sunglasses, Polaroid filters, smoked or dark glass, typical photographic neutral density filters, CDs, floppy disk media, cellophane and mylar food packaging, undeveloped film, color films, slides or negatives, X-ray films with images, and chromogenic photographic emulsions are not safe! These filters may transmit dangerous amounts of ultraviolet or infrared radiation even if the filter appears opaque. They may also have small pinholes or non-uniform coatings that can allow unsafe amounts of light through.

  • Common neutral density filters sold in most photographic stores that may me OK for photographic use may not be necessarily safe for visual use when you look through the camera's viewfinder! (The filter may still transmit unseen ultraviolet or infrared rays.)

  • Welder's #14 glass may be OK but produces a greenish color and poor image quality.

  • Filters, of any type, designed to be placed at the end of a telescope or binocular (e.g., on an eyepiece) are not safe. (The Sun's heat may crack the filter.) Throw them away!

See Eclipse Links for more info

More information about eclipse filters and eye safety:

Projection Method

A simple and safe method for observing the Sun is by pin hole projection. This produces a small but safe image to view. See diagram below. Notice that the observer looks at the projected image — do not look through the pinhole!

Projection Method (click for larger image)
Project the Sun's image —do not look through the pinhole at the Sun
(Click image to enlarge)

Any object that produces small pinholes will project the Sun's image. For example, the separation between leaves on trees will project numerous, small images of the Sun on the ground!

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